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DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM! You will be giving your info to crooks! Sent out USED CARD!

“They sell you $0 balance, already used gift cards! Then tell you too bad.

I purchased a $300 Dillard's gift card through Card Cash in May '15. What they sent me by email was brought into Dillard's, Dillard's said they do not accept what told me I could print and use. Since then, I have been strung along by promises from Card Cash that they would make it right. OVER A YEAR AND 1/2 they have strung me a long, I'm guessing long enough that I couldn't dispute the crime with my credit card.

**** The last thing they did was actually send out a sheet of paper with a bar code, they said this would 100% work since what they sent by email was never accepted by the store. We brought the card in and it had $0 balance! This card was sent to us in May of '16, after dealing with a year of them trying to get me to use the unusable "emailed card". We brought the the mailed card/sheet of paper into Dillard's and it has $0 balance, Dillard's management, who had been trying to help us with these scammers all along, traced the card history. The card had been used TWO MONTHS BEFORE THEY EVER SENT IT OUT TO US!

This time when I called in to let them know they sent me a $0 balance card, they said it was past their 45 day policy. ONLY BECAUSE THEY STRUNG ME ALONG FOR SO LONG! They say the cards have NO EXPIRATION, but they do! You have 45 days to use them, or they will say it's not their problem.

I'm guessing with all the other shadiness that they had going on in the first year I dealt with them, this last card they send is one they bought from someone and never checked if it was valid. They got an already used card and then sent it off to us. Passed their incompetence on to the customer.

That's the best case for them. The other thing that could have happened was they send out zero balance cards on purpose, just to buy more time to get past the time frame when you can dispute a charge on your card.

They got us to the point we were scammed for $300, and then told us too bad. You could tell the "supervisor", Amanda, is used to these kinds of calls all the time & was prepared to tell us too bad, you got scammed.

Now seeing they had no intention of giving me what I paid for, I'm cancelling my debit card and have to order a new one because these are the kind of scammers that will maneuver every last angle to get your money.

Please do not fall for the endless lies. Or take a chance that they pass their loss onto you!!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of being scammed and lies. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss damaged or defective of dillards gift card and associated monetary loss in the amount of $300. Cardcash needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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